Above Ground Pool Removal

If you have been staring at the above ground pool in your backyard and all you see are the dollar signs that you will need to shell out to remove it, you have come to the right place! The Trash Removal Team will be able to help remove it for you at an affordable rate!

Many homeowners do not realize that there is more to removal than breaking apart the pool and hauling it away. Many times, after you break down the pool, you are left with 2.5 to 5 tons of sand or stone dust. That takes time and effort to remove. You need to call in professionals who have experience and who are fully trained to handle this sort of project.

The Junk and Trash Removal Team is licensed, bonded and insured to handle your above ground pool removal. Our team of technicians are fully certified to meet the demands of hauling away and removing such a large piece. We will be respectful to your lawn and make sure leave the area looking better than ever!

Types of Pools:

There are various types of above ground pools which require different techniques to remove. Depending on the type of pool, we may be able to remove it all in one piece. If it is too large and bulky, do not stress over having to break it down yourself- we are trained professionals who have worked with other clients in the same situation as you!

Not all pools are alike. Some are easier to remove than others, but when you choose Junk and Trash Removal Team, your job is done. The different types of pools are listed below:

  • Hard-Sided Pool
  • Frame Pool
  • Ring Pool

Removal Techniques:

Removal of above ground swimming pools require a few specific tools and specialized knowledge. There are several factors to consider when removing such a bulky item. You want to make sure you choose a company that is competent and can quickly remove your pool without a hitch! Make the Junk and Trash Removal Team your choice in above ground pool removal.  Below are the steps we take to ensure a safe and effective removal:

  • Disconnect any electrical connections
  • Drain the pool using a submersible pump, draining water away from foundations
  • Disconnect pool hoses and pumps
  • Drain pool filter and remove sand or silica as needed
  • Cut pool liner into manageable sections
  • Disassemble wall posts surrounding the perimeter of the pool
  • Remove and Recycle old panels

Junk and Trash Removal Team understands the nuances of above ground pool removal, and understands that every pool is different. Since there are different types of pools, the removal process will vary from customer to customer. Rest assured that we will only send out the most qualified team of professionals. Our technicians are fully certified, licensed, bonded and insured to meet the demands of your removal request!

Leave the complexities and details to us! Since we have so much experience handling these types of removal projects, we can get in and out quickly- leaving more space in your yard for other things! Free up your space and give us a call! We would love to serve you.

Hiring the Pros

The Junk and Trash Removal Team will provide you a team of trained professionals who are fully certified, licensed, bonded and insured.  What does this mean to you? It means we take ownership and pride in our work. It means we will stand behind our services and ensure that there will not be damage to your home. We will also take care of all additional rooms and help with such issues like garage cleanout. We have taken the extra steps and have paid the extra money to be fully covered- as any reputable trash removal team should. When you choose to work with us, your mind can be at ease that you chose the right company, at an affordable rate!

Our Service Guarantees:

  • Free consultation
  • Provide the right amount of labor to remove and dismantle your pool
  • Remove all associated debris
  • Lift and Remove pool
  • Properly dispose of the pool
  • Recycle and donate any items that can be salvaged

Not only that, we will remove any additional debris so you have a spotless space! We will leave your yard looking better than when we arrived! Servicing the Baltimore, MD, Washington DC and surrounding areas, we are your go-to-team for Above Ground Pool services. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (757) 434-6263 to set up your free consultation!

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