Basement Cleanout

For some reason, the basement is where items you simply do not want to deal with are thrown and forgotten. Slowly the junk accumulates and you wonder why you saved all those items in the first place! If your basement is cluttered from all your junk over the years, and you have decided to do some cleaning, give us a call. We will take out any piece of junk from your basement. After the items are removed, we will work with you to re-arrange any items you want moved, AND we will sweep up any remaining dust. The end result is you will have a basement you can be proud of! From man cave to sewing room, your options are now endless with a clean, functional space. 

Junk and Trash Removal Team understands that living with clutter is stressful. When you give us a call, we are the stress-free solution for dealing with your basement. You do not want to just call anyone-we will respect your space and remove bulky items carefully without damage to other areas. Whether you’ve got old appliances, bulky furniture, exercise equipment, or other items cluttering up your space, don’t inconvenience your friends and family to simply fight up the stairs and battle narrow hallways.  Leave it to us! We will do all of the dismantling, loading, cleaning and sweeping of any remaining debris in the basement.

Old Appliances

Did you know that certain old appliances need to be removed according to local and federal regulations? If not disposed of properly, you could be faced with fines depending on the type of appliance you are removing. We have experience removing thousands of appliances, so if you have something that needs to be removed, call us. Not only will we properly dispose of the appliances, but we will recycle or donate any salvageable parts in order to keep it out of a landfill!

  • Oven Ranges
  • Furnaces
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Water Heaters
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Bulky Furniture

The number one concern our clients have when removing furniture, is the weight and removing the items without damage to the home. At Junk and Trash Removal Team, our team of experienced professionals will take the extra time it takes to carefully remove your furniture. We pride ourselves in the level of service we provide, and want our clients to be 100% satisfied. We also will donate or recycle any furniture that is still of good use.

  • Loveseats
  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Recliners
  • Waterbeds
  • Table & Chairs
  • Exercise Equipment

If you are like 90% of the population who purchased that treadmill with the best New Year’s Resolution intention, but now see it shoved in the corner of your basement mocking you, then give Junk and Trash Removal Team a call. Our team of experienced professionals will take the extra time it takes to carefully dismantle the equipment and load it in our trucks. We understand that the clutter is taking up valuable real estate in your home and will efficiently remove your unused equipment.  We also will donate or recycle any furniture that is still of good use.

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical units
  • Weight Lifting Equipment
  • Bowflex Machines
  • Nordic Track Units
  • Exercise Benches

Junk and Trash Removal Team will provide you a team of trained professionals who are fully certified, licensed, bonded and insured.  What does this mean to you? It means we take ownership and pride in our work. It means we will stand behind our services and ensure that there will not be damage to your home. We have taken the extra steps and have paid the extra money to be fully covered- as any reputable trash removal team should. When you choose to work with us, your mind can be at ease that you chose the right basement and attic cleanout company, at an affordable rate!

Our Service Guarantees:

  • Remove all the junk from your basement
  • Sweep and clean the space
  • Rearrange any items you request
  • Organize remaining items
  • Properly dispose of junk
  • Recycle and donate any items that can be salvaged

It’s time to reclaim your space, free your mind and your basement of all that clutter and give your family the gift of space! Servicing the Baltimore, MD, Washington DC and surrounding areas, we are your go-to-team for basement cleanout services! Interested? Give us a call at (757) 434-6263 to set up your free consultation!

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    What do we remove?

    • Old furniture removal
    • Sofa and love seat removal
    • Stove removal
    • Refrigerator removal
    • Mattress removal
    • Bed removal
    • Piano removal
    • Up right piano removal
    • Pool removal
    • Above ground pool removal
    • Sofa removal
    • Couch removal
    • Wood removal
    • Shed removal
    • Hot tub removal
    • Jacuzzi removal
    • Old tv removal
    • Television removal
    • Paint can removal
    • Barbeque grill removal
    • Fence removal