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Critter Control: Guide to Dealing with Pests 

If you have been woken up by unexpected scratching on the ceiling in the middle of the night, you must suspect that you are sharing your home with unwanted guests. These pests might be wandering around your home without your permission, nesting in quiet corners and dark spaces. The best and most effective way in dealing with them is to hire a credible critter control company. animal-1238367_640

Most of the time, people notice the invasion of critters so late. Infestation has already spread and worse of all, the critters may have nested in numerous spaces in your home. These unwanted guests can jeopardize your home and your loved ones’ safety and health. Unfortunately, these pests are drawn where the humans live and they show up at the most unexpected times.

A home invaded by critters isn’t necessarily a dirty home. For example, raccoons and squirrels are simply drawn to garbage cans. They will naturally find a way to get into your home for easier access to more trash. Other critters such as birds, however, want to find a place to cater to their needs – a place to nest so they can start building their families. Getting rid of these critters can be so difficult. Scaring off isn’t really effective too. They will always go back to your home even if you don’t want them too.

The Damage on People and Property by Critters

Pests such as raccoons, bats, birds, and squirrels always manage to hide in homes and cause serious damages. Of course, you, a responsible home owner, would always try to get rid of them on your own. But more often than not, you could only eliminate those that you can see. There might be hundreds of them that will remain in hiding. An efficient critter control and removal company has people who know how to track down these animals anywhere in your home to prevent damage and further harm to happen.

raccoon-2183746_640Raccoons damage both indoor and outdoor properties. Inside your home, they can secretly go up to the attics or the shelter of the chimney. They usually tear up roof tiles and destroy the wire coverings. Overnight, these animals can break the stalks of vegetable plants or strip the fruits. Corn farmers always try to get rid of them before they can destroy their plantation. You see, these raccoons enjoy munching on the sweet corn off the cob. They also dig out the watermelons and scoop out the sweet insides of the fruit with their claws. Both in residential yards and corn farms, these mammals are being kept out. It’s also good to note that they also latch their way inside the chicken coops and destroy birds’ nests and eat the eggs. Raccoons post danger to one’s business and can even cause a lot of damage in your home.

In general, bats are beneficial to nature. But when they stay inside your home, they can post health hazards that really cannot be ignored. Not all people know that bats are also carriers of rabies. They can bite and infect people if they are threatened. They are also carriers of histoplasmosis, and a number of parasites.animal-1300290_640

It’s fine if the bats just drop by, but the problem lies when these bats stay inside your home and carry fungus through their droppings. These can be inhaled by humans and can cause infection on the lungs. They can be carriers of flies, fleas, ticks, and mites which are also hosts of plenty of diseases. You’ll know if you have entered a home invaded by bats because their urine leaves a distinct unpleasant smell. Their droppings also stain ceilings and walls.

Squirrels are small but terrible. They may not be as aggressive, but they sure have the capacity to destroy. These squirrels dig up holes and destroy your landscaped yards. They love chewing the barks of ornamental trees and shrubs, feed on birdhouses, and trample and munch on anything from the garden.

squirrel-1401509_640Inside your homes, however, they can also cause serious damage because they chew on anything that is made of wood. With squirrels inside your homes, your wooden walls and support beams can be destroyed. These animals walk on power lines and chew on electrical wires which lead to short circuits.

Who doesn’t like to see bird’s nests on their yards? This natural occurrence can be so touching at times, looking at the mother birds nesting and taking care of her babies. But, although these birds can be beneficial they can also be harmful, depending on some circumstances. These birds feed on agricultural products, destroy vegetation, roost on homes, contaminate food, and leave potential allergens through their odor and feathers. They can also carry parasites and cause histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis through their droppings.  When birds turn into pests, they need to be given attention. Some situations require bird control and bird proofing.

The Need for a Good Critter Control Company

Sometimes, we undermine the invasion of these critters into our home. We already recognize this as a problem when it has become worse. Your kids, loved ones, and even your house pets can be harmed if you try to get rid of critters the wrong way. A full blown infestation can especially be hard to deal with. Critters may be hiding in areas and structures that are difficult to access and you may end up causing more damage if wrong products and ways are utilized in their removal.

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